Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but ‘dollar value,’ that’s a little harder to assess but just as important if you want to be assured of your jewelry appraisal in today’s current market. At Joe Escobar Diamonds, we can help. With every jewelry purchase from us, we offer a ‘free’ appraisal. Our team of certified gemologists can also provide unbiased, accurate appraisals on pieces that were not purchased from us as well, for a small fee. By determining a dollar or market value on your gems and jewelry, you can be assured of having adequate insurance coverage against loss, theft, or damage. In addition to insurance needs, we also provide appraisals for resale and estate purposes.


We recommend insuring fine jewelry purchases, and this may require adding the piece to your current insurance policy. Depending on the value, most insurance companies will require an appraisal done by a Graduate Gemologist — we have six on staff full time. (A Graduate Gemologist Diploma Program is the jewelry industry’s most prestigious professional credential — recognized worldwide as the pinnacle of training and trust.) While our reports differ for diamonds and colored gems, our documentation will include specifics about carat weight and dimensions, color and clarity grades, and items relating to the gemstone's cut and shape, as well as its estimated overall dollar value.


A jewelry appraisal can also come in handy if you are interested in selling your jewelry to a third party. It will provide you with a benchmark on how to value it for resale and/or provide an independent verification on the details to provide to your potential buyer.

Looking for a buyer of your jewelry? Whether you have one piece or a number of pieces, we will buy your unwanted jewelry items, scrap gold, and diamonds and give you a fair price.


Did you inherit some jewelry? Jewelry can help keep the memories of loved ones alive for generations to come. But you may have no idea on the value of the items, or if they are even real. Joe Escobar Diamonds can separate the real gems from the faux - that’s our business. As part of the estate settlement, most trust attorneys will require appraisals on items over a certain value to assess your tax liability.

Here are some additional frequently asked questions:

+ How much does an appraisal cost?

We charge based on the complexity of the item and the length of time that it takes our appraiser to complete the appraisal. The typical appraisal costs between $85 and $150, however it can be higher or lower. If you bring the piece into the store, we can give you an exact quote.

+ Do I have to leave my items or can the appraisal be done in front of me?

While most items that need a full appraisal need to be left to give us the proper amount of time to complete the appraisal, there are some services (such as diamond verification) that can be done for you while you wait. Please call us to inquire about the availability of having an appraisal done while you wait.

+ If I have to leave my jewelry, is it safe at Joe Escobar Diamonds?

Absolutely. Unlike most stores, we have Graduate Gemologists on staff full time. Your jewelry never leaves the store, and is in possession of our gemologist at all times during the appraisal. Overnight, your jewelry is time locked in our custom-made, secure vault. We are also insured for your jewelry while it is in our possession.

+ I just received an appraisal for insurance on my new item and the value was only slightly higher than what I paid for it, did I not get a good deal?

At Joe Escobar Diamonds, when we assign a value to an insurance appraisal we use a competitive retail price, we do not over inflate the value on the insurance appraisal as commonly done in the jewelry industry. We feel that inflated appraisals are used more as a sales tool, and cause the consumer to pay too high of a premium on insurance policies.

The following is a sample of an appraisal done at Joe Escobar Diamonds for insurance on a diamond engagement ring.

If you have any further questions about appraisals or gemology, please email us at