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our history – A Shared Passion

Does it signify love, commitment, or success? Every Rolex watch tells a story. A Rolex helps us celebrate life events, reminds us of those we love, and rewards our accomplishments. They last a lifetime and are handed down from one generation to the next. But at Joe Escobar Diamonds, these high-precision timepieces mean even more. They embody our dream, our love of fine jewelry and precision craftsmanship, and our story – 40 years in the making.

1977 – A Second Career, A New Dream

When Joe Escobar retired early from the San Jose Police Department to follow his dream, little did he know that Silicon Valley would forever change the world and help put his new jewelry store on the map. Rolex had just celebrated its 50th anniversary and was focused on extraordinary individuals— the visionaries and pioneers who wore Rolex watches. When founded in 1977, Joe Escobar Diamonds was surrounded by a ‘new’ breed of visionaries reinventing one industry after another — the perfect place for precision technology and elegance to meet. The timing could not have been more perfect. Starting in a small office in downtown San Jose the primary focus was exceptional quality diamonds and fine jewelry. Joe was soon joined in the business by his three children — Mark, David, and Stacey Escobar.

1988 – The Rewards of Success

In just 10 years, Joe Escobar’s reputation for fine quality jewelry spread throughout the growing Silicon Valley region. Just as Rolex watches had become the icon of watchmaking, Joe Escobar Diamonds was becoming an icon of elegance and luxury in Silicon Valley. The retailer moved to a larger showroom in Campbell, Calif., with space for three jewelers. As Escobar’s pushed the boundaries of exquisite design with its in-house creations, Rolex pushed the boundaries of design by using some of the most advanced materials on the planet. As an expression of their love for their dad, Joe Escobar’s children gave him a Rolex Day-Date in Everose gold with a meteorite dial — the first wristwatch to display the day and date in full window on the dial. Joe wore it every day for years, until passing it on to his children.

1996 – The Jewel of the Valley

A Rolex watch enables entry into a world of unlimited possibilities. Likewise, Joe Escobar Diamonds saw unlimited possibilities with its distinctive clientele, and commitment to quality. It built a new, modern facility on Hamilton Avenue in Campbell, with an expansive showroom to focus on an exceptional customer service experience — in keeping with the Rolex brand. The store also housed rooms for extensive manufacturing and service work from polishing and casting to a watchmaker’s service area. In 1998, Joe Escobar Diamonds began carrying a selection of Rolex watches.

2018 – A Tradition of Excellence

In 2018, Joe Escobar Diamonds became a third-generation family jeweler welcoming Michael and Matthew Escobar. The singular goal? To carry on Joe Escobar’s drive for exceptional quality jewelry and watches and world class customer service. For Joe Escobar Diamonds, the store is not just a business, it is a passion and a love for jewelry made from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail and the most exacting standards. Rolex and Joe Escobar Diamonds share a fine tradition of excellence, something worth celebrating every day.

Rolex is synonymous with precision and elegance. In your quest for a treasured gift we invite you explore our wide range of Rolex timepieces. You deserve to take home a piece of watchmaking history and innovation, and to enjoy your journey with Rolex and Joe Escobar Diamonds.