Rolex Air King Blue Dial Stainless Steel

Rolex Air King Blue Dial Stainless Steel
Rolex Air King
Pre-Owned Rolex Air King in stainless steel featuring a smooth domed bezel, a blue dial with luminescent hands and number markers, and a Rolex design stainless steel Oyster bracelet. The Rolex Air King has a Rolex design, Swiss made officially certified thirty-one jewel automatic movement.

This Rolex watch has all original Rolex parts and is in pristine condition. The watch has a fresh Rolex factory service and comes with a 2 year Rolex international service warranty.

About the Rolex Air King: Often dubbed the "Warrior Watch," the Rolex Air King is a magnificent watch. Rolex Air King history is quite robust and covers many years. It is one of the simplest Rolex watches out there and is beloved by its followers because of such simplicity. Similar to a battle-ready veteran, the Air King lacks the bells and whistles of other models and instead has a very practical look and feel. Case and point, John McCain is known for his Rolex Air King. The history of the Rolex Air King is quite extensive.

The British Royal Air Force (British RAF) were regarded as heroes in the 1930's, and rightfully so. These men flew countless missions, and in the face of such danger triumphed in spite of overwhelming odds and meager aircraft. Discarding their standard-issue, low-quality watches, these brave pilots instead used the Rolex Oyster Perpetual religiously in their missions. Once word of this reached the founder of Rolex Hans Wilsdorf, he was so pleased that he chose to honor these heroes by creating a dedicated line of manual wind Oyster watches fit for the sky.
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